Watch our thorough, in-depth functionality testing of every part of the Settings feature.

In this video you will learn how to:


  • How to edit user roles
  • How to view deactivated users 
  • How to add users 
  • Changing your subscription 


  • Add card
  • Remove card
  • Logo & Letterhead: 
  • Change address
  • Upload image 
  • Change/edit letterhead


  • Explain default pipeline to show matters only assigned to you 

Email & Calendar sync:

  • Un-sync email 
  • Re-sync email 
  • Edit email signature 


  • Add lead sources
  • Add contact types 
  • Add tags  


  • Add matter types
  • Add matter statuses
  • Edit hired and did not hire list 
  • Add location 

Email Templates:

  • Show how to add each of the templates 
  • How to edit an already made template 

Workflow Campaigns:

  • Add a new workflow template and add each feature to it 
  • Create a new email campaign 

Custom Fields:

  • Add and edit contact custom fields 
  • Add and edit matter custom fields 

Import Contacts

  • Import from spreadsheet 
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