Watch our thorough, in-depth functionality testing of every part of the Documents feature.

In this video you will Iearn to: 

  • View pending and submitted 
  • Show how to apply filters

Click on a pending and show 

  • How to download PDF 
  • How to send reminder 
  • Click on signer URL to view document in HelloSign

Click on submitted documents and show 

  • How to download PDF
  • How to share link
  • Click on Signer URL to view the signature and doc 

Click on template editor and show

  • Show how to preview text editor template 
  • Show how to edit the text editor template and make changes to the text by adding more persons, matters, company fields, etc. 
  • Edit settings - change the number of signers 
  • Show how to edit PDF templates 

Create a new text editor template and show 

  • How to write a document with adding persons, matters and signers. 
  • Edit settings
  • Archive a form and show the archived section 

Click on Prepare Document 

  • Add matter
  • Select from drop-down
  • Add contact
  • Add signer
  • Create document and show how fields were auto-populated with the selected contacts’ info. 
  • Prepare for signing 
  • Choose sign now 
  • Demonstrate signing process
  • And view full document once ready 

Update Video on fixed bugs:

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